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Watershed Wonder Award Winners, Jim Manning and Greg Pearce

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December 14, 4-6pm
GCWA Board Meeting (Owens Field Airport)

January 9, noon-1pm
GCWA Education Committee Meeting (6500 N. Trenholm)

January 10, 3-4:30pm
GCWA Technical Committee Meeting (Owens Field Airport)
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Watershed Wonder Awards

The Gills Creek Watershed Association is pleased to announce our latest "Watershed Wonder" award winners: Richland County Councilmen Jim Manning and Greg Pearce. Both council members were recognized at the GCWA Annual Members' Meeting at the restored Curtiss Wright Hangar last month.

Jim and Greg were instrumental in flood recovery efforts which include co-chairing the Blue Ribbon Flood Committee and helping with the establishment of Special Purpose Tax Districts for the lakes in the Watershed. Greg has been a supporter of the Gills Creek Greenway, a Richland County Penny Project, and has worked extensively with the nearby neighborhoods to make sure they are satisfied with the greenway route and design. Jim Manning was instrumental with all of our efforts along Decker Blvd including our litter reduction project and grant from Palmetto Pride. He also helped us incorporate stormwater best management practices in the new Decker Center.

Please join me in thanking Councilmen Jim Manning and Greg Pearce for their outstanding service to Gills Creek and this Association!

Gift of a Donation

Dear Friends of Gills Creek,

It has been an exciting year for Gills Creek, but our best work is still to come! GCWA was recently awarded a grant from SCDHEC to restore 850 linear feet of Gills Creek near Devine Street. This section of Creek is the most impaired, and bottle-necked section. The restoration project will help peel back some of the concrete, re-contour the stream banks, replant native vegetation, and provide a natural corridor for the future Gills Creek Greenway. Improved water quality, neighborhood beautification, and flood reduction are just some of the benefits we will achieve. We couldn’t do it without your support. At year’s end, please consider a tax-deductible donation to GCWA to help us further enhance this restoration project. A donation of any size is helpful, and for donations over $50 we will send you a copy of our 2018 Gills Creek Calendar. Please check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gift program. Your donation could be multiplied! Thank you for making it all possible.

You can send cash or check to Gills Creek Watershed Association, 712 Main St, EWS 603, Columbia, SC 29208 or donate online here. For more information on the Gills Creek restoration project visit

New and Returning Members

Thank you to our new and returning Gills Creek Watershed Association Members!
  • Susan Fellman
  • Nancy Higgins
  • Emily and David Jones (members since 2009!)
  • Robert Askins
  • Dale Stigamier (member since 2011!)
  • Will Haltiwanger (member since 2012!)
  • Staci Gaffos
  • Annette Boette (member since 2012!)
  • Nancy Stone-Collum
  • Trish Jerman and Mark Tompkins
  • Carolyn Hudson (member since 2009!)
  • David Fuente
  • Tara Allden
  • Margaret Crawley
  • Gerrit Jobsis and Vicki Bunnell
  • Lewis Kirk (member since 2009!)
  • Carl Voges (member since 2009!)
  • Councilman Greg Pearce
  • Rebecca and Dale Krueger
  • Mark Van Popering (member since 2012!)
  • Richard Watkins
  • Leslie Cotter, Jr.
  • Janet Heuer
  • Lyn Phillips
  • Annette Smith and Marlene Wilson (members since 2010!)
  • Natalie O'Bradovich
  • Ernest Childs, Jr.
Thank you for helping us achieve our mission of restoring and protecting Gills Creek Watershed.
The Gills Creek Watershed Association works to restore and protect Gills Creek and its tributaries through key public and private partnerships.
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