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Crowson Road Stream and Riparian Buffer Restoration

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February 3, 10am-12pm

February 6, noon-1pm
GCWA Education Committee Meeting (6500 N. Trenholm)

February 7, 3-4:30pm
GCWA Technical Committee Meeting (Owens Field Airport)

February 8, 4-6pm
GCWA Board Meeting (Owens Field Airport)

February 15, 6:30-8pm
Library Lecture: Coloring the Conservation Conversation
Dr. J. Drew Lanham
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April 18

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GCWA Receives Grant for Restoration Project

The GCWA proposal to the EPA for a 319 Grant for Stream and Riparian Buffer Restoration for the creek along Crowson Road was approved.

The 3 year grant provides funds to address nonpoint source pollution and improve water quality conditions through an 1800 foot stream restoration project that incorporates a riparian buffer enhancement and stormwater green infrastructure retrofits and BMPs. The City of Columbia has stepped up with matching funds. GCWA is actively seeking additional funds to enhance and extend the project.

The goal is to reshape the creek banks, replant the stream buffer with native plants, and reduce stormwater and non-point source pollution entering Gills Creek improving the health of the creek and the appeal of the Cross Hill/Rosewood Crossing area.

The stream restoration will improve the area that the Gills Creek Greenway A will pass through and we are working with the PDT to coordinate our efforts.

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The GCWA along with Heathwood Hall has adopted South Beltline Blvd from Plowden Road to Bluff Road. The cleanups are scheduled 4 times a year on Saturdays. The dates for 2018 are February 3, May 12, August 25, and November 17. See our website for details.

Litter washing off streets and property close to the creek will likely end up in the storm water system which goes straight to our creeks and then rivers and then the Atlantic Ocean. We urge you not to litter, but you can also organize your friends, your neighborhood, or other organization to adopt a highway or a waterway and clean it up!

Keep the Midlands Beautiful coordinates the AAH program and the Adopt-A-Waterway program. Contact them to sign up!

Keep The Midlands Beautiful...

City of Columbia Large Debris Removal

As part of the City's 2014 NPDES Consent Decree, the City is required to conduct a one-time removal of debris, such as trash, furniture, household appliances, tires, and construction debris. This is an opportunity to remove large debris, a majority of which was a result of the 2015 Flood. They are seeking our help to identify and locate dumpsters, file cabinets, etc. You need to provide a photograph and gps coordinates. There are smart phone apps that can do this easily and email the information. Please contact coordinator@gillscreekwatershed.org for more information.

New and Returning Members

Thank you to our new and returning Gills Creek Watershed Association Members!
  • Barbara and Buford Goff (Members since 2009)
  • Carol and John Kososki (Members since 2009)
  • Craig and Denisa Garner (Members since 2009)
  • Derek Jakes (Member since 2009)
  • Lewis Kirk (Member since 2009)
  • Terry and Karen Floyd (Members since 2009)
  • Marjorie and Jim Hightower (Members since 2010)
  • Mark and Julie Riffle (Members since 2010)
  • Kate Hartley (Member since 2011)
  • Teresa MacGillivray (Member since 2011)
  • Ann Yancey and Michael Tkacik (Members since 2012)
  • Craig (Braden) Stoneburner (Member since 2013)
  • Ed Wrightson (Member since 2013)
  • John Glenn (Member since 2013)
  • Kristin Dow (Member since 2013)
  • Nelson Galimba (Member since 2013)
  • Amy Moore (Member since 2014)
  • CheChe and Charlie Goldman (Members since 2014)
  • Mark and Jane Salley (Members since 2014)
  • Alice Adams (Member since 2015)
  • Brie Turner-McGrievy (Member since 2015)
  • Donald Klos (Member since 2015)
  • John McKenzie (Member since 2015)
  • Madilyn Fletcher (Member since 2015)
  • Barbara and Bobby Williams (Members since 2016)
  • Betsy Kaemmerlen (Member since 2016)
  • Deborah Hughes (Member since 2016)
  • Eugene Kaplan and Elena Grynberg-Bekier (Members since 2016)
  • George and Judith McCoy (Members since 2016)
  • James Hendrick (Member since 2016)
  • Leigh DeForth (Member since 2016)
  • Martha and John Hudgens (Members since 2016)
  • Marvin Lare (Member since 2016)
  • Mary and Scott Elliott (Members since 2016)
  • Rebecca Mace (Member since 2016)
  • Sybil C. McCook (Member since 2016)
  • Andy and Ann Cameron (Members since 2017)
  • C. Joseph Long (Member since 2017)
  • Jane B. White (Member since 2017)
  • Lucille Walters (Member since 2017)
  • Benjamin and Jo Franklin
  • Hal Stallworth
  • Hayes Mizell and Kate Swanson
  • Holly Norman
  • Katheryn Sheppard
  • Margaret-Ann Ashburn
  • Mark and Angie Lowery
  • Nancy Varner-Curry
  • Nell Orscheln
  • Rick and Paula Davis
  • Scott Peace
  • Tessa Davis and Jon Huggett
  • Violet and Michael Beets
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