GCWA Beach Sweep/River Sweep 2018

Join-up for Beach Sweep/River Sweep 2018

The 30th annual Sweep will take place Saturday, September 15, 2018, from 9am until noon.

Each year Beach Sweep/River Sweep is coordinated by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, and once again we invite you to join the Sweep. It is the largest one-day litter cleanup of our state's waterways and beaches, and it’s the volunteers, like you, who make it happen.

How to be involved:

  • Participants are needed to serve as either Site Captains or regular volunteers.
  • Site Captains are the key people who make individual sweep events (cleanups) happen. Site Captains are local leaders who choose a location to cleanup and organize a group of volunteers to get the cleanup job done. See our website for more explanation.
  • Regular volunteers can join an existing group by contacting a site captain who is looking for additional help.

More information:

To organize or join an inland cleanup, at inland counties on inland rivers, lakes, or wetlands. Go to the DNR’s BSRS website for more information.

Contact the Inland Coordinator at marshallb@dnr.sc.gov or phone at 803-734-9096 to ask questions.

Register for the Inland Sweep here. DNR's website allows you to register as a Site Captain for the Inland Sweep. Fill-in the electronic form, submit your information and DNR will follow with a response.

Gills Creek Watershed Cleanups

The Gills Creek Watershed Association is helping to organize cleanups in the watershed. Our goal is cover the entire creek and its tributaries! Anyone can participate, including neighorhoods, home owners’ organizations, businesses, civic clubs, recreation clubs, individuals, families, school groups, church groups, and youth groups.

If you are interested in becoming a Site Captain and would like help identifying a location for cleanup, or if you just want to volunteer but don't have a group of your own contact us to find a group looking for additional help.

All participating groups will be featured on the Beach Sweep/River Sweep web site, and here on the Gills Creek Watershed Association web site if you are in the watershed.

Location Site Captain Organization Phone               Cleanup Date
Cary Lake Rachel Tustin Dent Middle School 803-727-4397 9/15/2017
Sesquicentennial State Park Lake Cindy Becker Girl Scouts 803-736-4455 9/15/2017

DNR's Beach Sweep/River Sweep website

Inland Coordinator: Bill Marshall at 803-734-9096.

Seagrant Consortium Facebook Page.

For more information, please contact us.

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